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The third generation of Titan regulators brings further innovation while keeping excellence intact. The new Titan integrates the feeling of lightness and strength and the easy-to-breathe characteristics of its predecessors, with a renewed design. It offers excellent performance and easy maintenance at an attractive price.



First stage

  • The balanced membrane mechanism allows easy breathability with remarkable performance, while simultaneously protecting the internal parts from the surrounding environment
  • The T-design is compact and offers optimal whip routing
  • The original forged body uses less brass, a detail that makes it more compact and lighter than other regulators
  • The external polyurethane coating protects the metal parts from impacts
  • The MP and HP outlets are positioned perfectly, in line with the whisk

Second stage

  • The ergonomic Comfobite mouthpiece, with the patented palate bridge, reduces jaw fatigue
  • The removable and reusable clip facilitates mouthpiece replacement
  • The reduced components and the easy access to the drain valve through a deflector with clip make maintenance easy
  • The in-line Venturi lever offers effective and progressive adjustment, using an ergonomic design that makes it easy to use, even with worn gloves
  • The polyurethane drain cover offers great abrasion resistance, protects against impacts, allows easy drainage of the water and reduces the effort of inspiration
  • The lateral openings avoid the phenomenon of continuous delivery when facing contrary currents or on board a jet ski
  • Reinforced polycarbonate makes this second stage more resistant
  • The deflector creates finer discharge bubbles, thereby reducing noise and ensuring valve life

Country /Region of Origin : France



Surpression effect
Dry room
1st stage ACD
T mechanism
Multi-layer chrome plating
Common Rail
DIN connection (bar) 300
DIN weight (g) 674
HP Preoriented outputs 2
Preoriented MP outputs 4
Intermediate pressure (bar) 9.5
Polyurethane protection
Hi Flow 0 Piston Oversized
Pneumatically Balanced 2nd Stage
Master Breathing System
Venturi effect adjustment
Confo-bite mouthpiece
Down Stream valve
2nd stage weight (g) 179
Flexible AquaFlex
Hose length (mm) 740

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Aqua Lung


Aqua Lung


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