Aqua Lung TEKNIKA Mask



Designed to meet the needs of technical diving, the Teknika’s anti-shock structure is assembled with AISI 304 stainless steel bolts that increase its robustness. The bi-glass design provides an excellent field of vision while the dark face mask eliminates the annoying reflections of light, a feature appreciated by many technical divers when they spend many hours in the water.




  • The frame is made with technopolymers that cushion shocks, prolonging the life of the product over time
  • Screwed AISI 304 stainless steel bolts guarantee strength and corrosion resistance in contact with salt water
  • Facial and flat folding buckles make the Teknika easy to carry in the BCD pocket as a reserve mask
  • Cardanic Joint buckles rotate both up and down both internally and externally for personalized wearability
  • The system with opposite buttons makes the adjustment of the strap fast and holds it firmly in place once set. The system is also easy to use even when wearing gloves
  • The oversized silicone headboard adapts to the shape of the head to ensure maximum comfort and safety
  • The high quality silicone makes the facial flexible, which naturally adapts to the shape of the face for a better watertight seal
  • The two glasses are tempered and unbreakable, ideal for diving and snorkeling, meeting ANSI / DEMA standards
  • Color variants: Black face – Black

Country /Region of Origin : Italy



Increased headboard
Micromask Technology
Advanced Fit Technology
Cardanic Joint Buckles
Comfort Buckle System
Lever Buckles
Hi-Vis Technology
Lens Quick Release System
Anti-torsion Bar
Black silicone
Transparent silicone
Weight (g) 205

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