Aqua Lung SUPERZIP BLUE 5mm Boots



The Superzip has an extra thick sole, high-strength protective panels on the upper and an anti-corrosive zipper to withstand years of use without breaking. This is the ideal boot for a keen diver who needs to be prepared for cold water, rough terrain, poor visibility conditions that can hide dangers.



  • Ergonomic: Like the rest of the Aqua Lung line of socks, Ultrazip uses our patented ERGO ™ footbed, which anatomically adapts to the profile of the foot, eliminates excess water and offers comfortable support.
  • Protective: The 8mm thick tread outsole offers excellent protection against unwanted cuts, stings and slips.
  • Warm: 5mm neoprene upper for just the right amount of warmth in all conditions.
  • Comfortable: The Echozip fit uses only a few seams, which are positioned away from the widest parts of the feet to minimize chafing.
  • Durable: YKK No. 10 high strength resin anti corrosion. The elastic binding at the top resists wear.
  • Eco-friendly packaging: they are shipped with low impact packaging. No plastic bag.

Country /Region of Origin : China

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