Aqua Lung MICRO SQUEEZE Blunt Tip Blade


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Aqua Lung’s Squeeze Lock diving knives are a favorite of divers all over the world. The patented Squeeze Lock design allows the diver to securely fix the knife in the case while allowing for quick and easy release with a simple squeeze of the handle. The knife can be easily attached to the integrated attachment points that most Aqua Lung BCDs are equipped with.

5.1 cm blade | Overall Length 9.5cm – This compact knife can be mounted virtually anywhere, including the Aqua Lung dive computer wrist strap.



  • Patented locking mechanism that securely locks the knife inside the case, however allowing easy release by simply pressing the handle (Patent No. 5,926,959)
  • Attachment points integrated into the BC
  • 304 stainless steel or high strength beta titanium alloy
  • Nylon handle and case with fiberglass padding for higher resistance to shocks and abrasion
  • Slots for straps at leg height
  • 2 ” locking clip
  • Drain holes in the housing
  • Through holes

Country /Region of Origin : China

Handle Locking Mechanism
Spear Tip Titanium Blade Option
Multiple Mounting Options
Sheeps Foot and Blunt Tip Blade Options
Line Cutter


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