Aqua Lung LEGEND LX ACD Regulator



If you want the same level of high performance and exceptional ventilatory comfort as a Legend LUX but without the matte black and pink gold finish, then the Legend LX is for you. Like the Legend LUX, the Legend LX benefits from the Master breathing System (MBS).



First Stage:

Auto Closure Device (ACD): As soon as it is disconnected from the valve of the block, the 1st stage is protected from ambient

– The performance of the regulator is preserved over time
– Lubrication of internal parts is preserved
  •  T-top membrane overcompensated for superior depth performance
  • 2 high pressure outputs and 4 medium pressure outputs perfectly positioned and symmetrical ensuring perfect orientation of the hoses
  • Dry chamber to protect the spring, water does not enter and prevents the formation of ice and the pollution of the components during dives in loaded waters
  • Available in saddle or DIN version

Second Stage:

  • Master Breathing System (MBS) : The MBS offers a new way to simply and efficiently adjust the ventilator performance of the regulator. The MBS is two settings in one. It allows to control the injection by modifying the effect of venturi while controlling the value of take-off. One control button for 2 functions, one does not make more simple
  • Compensated mechanism offering very great inspiratory flexibility in all situations
  • Comfo-Bite ™ mouthpiece minimizes maxillary fatigue for optimum fly comfort
  • The heat exchanger (patented) which includes the seat / valve mechanism dissipates the cold of the trigger while heating the internal mechanism
  • The geometry of the lateral openings improves the stability of the regulator during a rapid descent or against the current
  • Shapes of exhalation mustache improves expiratory effort and frees the field of view
  • Flexible braided Aqua Flex of 730mm length. It is very soft and extremely light, it improves the comfort in the mouth by limiting the effect of tugging of the mouthpiece

Country /Region of Origin : France


Number of models 4 models: Legend LX ACD caliper, Legend LX ACD DIN, Legend LX Supreme ACD caliper, Legend LX Supreme ACD DIN
Type of 1st stage Membrane overcoated with dry chamber
Auto-Closure Device (ACD) Yes
Number of HP Outputs 2
Number of MP Outputs 4
Height of the first floor 74.7mm
Weight 1st stage in DIN 668 g
Weight of 1st stage in stirrup 882 g
MP Room First Floor Enlarged, symmetrical, all outputs with equal distance
Environmental protection kit Standard
Outdoor Treatment Chrome Multilayer Gloss Finish
Flywheel Oversized triangular shape in soft grip, self-draining forms
Dust cover Redrawn not to inadvertently open the ACD system
Type of second floor Offered on demand
Weight of the 2nd floor 210 g
Second Floor Diameter 6.57mm
Setting A single adjustment, the MBS, allows simultaneous adjustment of the venturi and the take-off value
Take-off value Adjustable by user
Mouthpiece Delivered with 2 – A Comfo-bite ™ tip mounted and a standard tip delivered in addition
Purge hood Co-molded with limited stroke to control flow
Mustache expiration Redesigned for better bubble dissipation and better expiratory comfort
Lip cover On Supreme models only
Heat exchanger for resistance to icing Yes
Type of hose Aqua Flex braided 730mm
Hydrostatic openings Lateral
Ventilatory work 0.65 joules / liter at 50m, 50 bar and 62.5 l / min

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Aqua Lung


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