Aqua Lung i300C Dive Computer



The simple, robust and intuitive design of the i300C allows you to focus on your dive, not your gear. With its easy-to-use interface, versatile modes, built-in backlighting, and water-powered activation, the i300C makes your immersion and descent to new depths faster than ever. This durable, versatile and affordable dive computer is perfect for beginners, clubs and dive centers. Now with Bluetooth connectivity, the i300C can be synced with the DiverLog app to share your dive profiles and communicate with your fellow divers on most mobile devices. Its users will appreciate its data retention feature that records settings and calculations after every battery change. If you are a Dive Center, you can use the Bluetooth system and the Diverlog to strengthen your presence on social networks. Computer memory can also be quickly and easily erased for easy rental.



Features and Benefits

  • Bluetooth connectivity. Now equipped with Bluetooth technology for quick and easy wireless transfer of dive profiles with the DiverLog app, and easy communication with friends on social media.
  • 4 modes of use. Air, Nitrox, Gauge (with timer) and Apnea (keeps track of calculations and thus allows to switch between scuba diving mode and freediving mode).
  • User replaceable battery with data retention. Settings and calculations retained after a battery change.
  • Support for 3 gases. Possibility to switch between a maximum of 3 gases under water.
  • Backlight. For easy reading in low light conditions.

Other main features

  • Audible alarms and highly visible LED warning light for added safety.
  • User-updatable, its firmware provides access to the latest features and upgrades.
  • Planning functionality for an overview of the next dive.
  • Switching on in contact with water: to start a dive with confidence.
  • Display of the last dive using a single button (max.depth and dive time).
  • The History mode shows the total number of dives, the maximum depth, the total number of hours in immersion as well as the lowest temperature.
  • 3 Nitrox mixtures up to 100% O2.
  • Optional deep stop with timer.
  • Choice between salt water and fresh water.
  • Automatic altitude adjustment ensuring the accuracy of the dive profile.
  • Easy to use with DiverLog software for Mac or PC that lets you control all your computer settings, view your dive parameters and profiles, add sites, notes and other information, and store and then share your photos and videos. DiverLog must be purchased separately at


  • Available colors: Black / Gray and Black / Blue
  • Bracelet
  • 2 instrument console
  • 3 instrument console

Included in the box

  • Digital user manual
  • Reference safety information
  • DiverLog Brochure
  • Checklist
  • Dial protection
  • Battery compartment opening tool

Country /Region of Origin : United States


Backlight Yes
Max depth 100m
FO2 setting max. 21 to 100%
Multigas Yes
PO2 max. 1.1 to 1.6
Audible alarm Yes
Gauge mode Yes
Apnea Yes
Safety stop Yes
Bookmarks Yes
User-defined deep stop Enabled / Disabled
Diving log Yes (75 h)
History Mode Yes
Possibility of resetting Yes
Transfer Yes
Of buttons 2
Choice between fresh water / salt water Yes
Temperature Yes
Algorithm PZ +
Adjustment of the prudence factor Yes
Activation (wet or button) Yes
Possibility of assembly Wrist / Console
Adjustable ALT Auto tuning
Ascent rate indicator Yes
Planning mode Yes
Calendar Yes
Battery charge indicator Yes
LCD screen Segmented
Compass Yes
Summary screen No
Preview screen No
Air management No
Transfer cable Sold separately
Bluetooth Yes
Data retention Yes
Enable / Disable sound alerts Yes
Activate / Deactivate the deep stop Yes
Max depth alarm setting Yes
TPE alarm setting Yes
TLBG alarm setting Yes
Max DTR alarm setting Yes
Safety stop depth / duration adjustment Yes
Setting the duration of the safety stop Yes
Activate / Deactivate wet start Yes
Setting the units Yes
Backlight duration setting Yes
PO2 alarm setting max. Yes
Default FO2 Enable / Disable Yes
User replaceable battery Yes
Colors 2
Dive profile Download required
Freediving memory PC download required

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