Aqua Lung ECHOMID 3mm Boots



This 3mm mid-height, easy-to-wear neoprene boot offers a great solution for changing conditions. They are perfect for adding extra warmth below the thermocline and protection when diving ashore or in areas where areas where splinters, sea urchins, sharp rocks and barnacles can present serious risks to the feet. Designed to be worn with open foot fins.



  • Ergonomic: Like the rest of the Aqua Lung line of socks, Ultrazip uses our patented ERGO ™ footbed, which anatomically adapts to the profile of the foot, eliminates excess water and offers comfortable support.
  • Protective: The 8mm thick tread outsole offers excellent protection against unwanted cuts, stings and slips.
  • Warm: 3.5mm neoprene upper for just the right amount of warmth in all conditions.
  • Comfortable: The Echozip fit uses only a few seams, which are positioned away from the widest parts of the feet to minimize chafing.
  • Eco-friendly packaging: they are shipped with low impact packaging. No plastic bag.

Country /Region of Origin : China

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