Aqua Lung ARGONAUT SPARTAN Titanium Knife


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Designed to be one of the best and strongest knives on the market

  • Titanium blade
  • The handle and blade are made from a single piece of 4mm thick titanium, coated in black EDP and laser engraved
  • High resistance to rust
  • The handle is wrapped with a 5mm thick and 127cm long rope
  • The lower end of the handle, made of stainless steel, can be used as a hammer
  • 2 mm thermoformed Kydex plastic sheath
  • Spear point blade with rounded side with punched grooves to prevent tearing on the rope
  • Total length: 24.75 cm
  • Blade length: 12.25 cm
  • Traditional leg fastening system with drawstring or with support in fabric holding the sheath with fastex

Country /Region of Origin : Taiwan


Aqua Lung